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Real Estate Market Studies

Real Estate Market Studies

Find out the value of your Property.

If you want to Sell or Rent your property, consult an expert and get a Market Study before starting the promotion.

In this way, we guarantee the best deal for the Client, we provide a detailed market analysis – talk to us.

What is the Market Study?

The Market Study consists of collecting data and information regarding the property that determines the price to be practiced at present. This is the first step in order to evaluate and find the fair price for your property, making this process faster and more convenient for the owner.

What are the criteria in evaluating a property?

In the evaluation of the property, criteria and methods are used that allow determining the price based on comparisons, that’s why it’s considered:

  • Location – determining the price per m2 / surrounding area / access / view and solar orientation.
  • Area – interior and exterior m2 area.
  • Type – number of rooms.
  • Year of construction.
  • Condition – in the case of used properties.
  • Construction quality / finishes / equipment.
  • Other features – storage / garage / elevator / pool / among others.

What are the necessary documents for the Market Study?

  • Property Register – can be updated through the Finance Portal.
  • Property plan – can be requested from the Municipal Council of the municipality.

The first step for the Sale or Rent of your property starts here.

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